Digital casino game developer Playtech seems to have adopted as its mission the quest to make video poker less drab. There are now several video poker variants like Deuces Wild available from Playtech, and the most arresting feature of all of them is the effort the developer has put into creating original artwork for each one, rather than presenting all its video poker variants on the same blocky template.

Playtech even tailors different versions of their video poker games with different logos on the card backs, according to the casino offering the game, which is a nice visual touch. The Deuces also bear a bold Wild across the face of the card, just to remind the player how valuable they are when players are choosing which cards to hold.

Poker against a Western Backdrop

For Deuces Wild, Playtech has settled for a Western theme, in keeping with the original Deuces Wild table poker game’s popularity in the saloons of the Wild West. The big difference between this game and the 19th-Century version, of course, is that the player won’t get shot for beating the dealer.

The pay table is set out in minimalist but clearly legible form at the top of the screen, flanked by a busty cowgirl and a desert backdrop, with the video poker hand played beneath it. Controls to adjust bets, deal and draw are located at the bottom of the screen.

Deuces Act as Jokers

Visual attractions aside, Playtech’s Deuces Wild plays like any other version of this video poker variant. The Deuces are truly Wild, not semi-Wild. This means they can substitute for any card to complete any combination on the pay table, not just the few combos that are available in video poker variants with a semi-Wild in play. As is common in Deuces Wild games, the Playtech version also pays an enhanced prize for Four Deuces in one hand.

Players can bet between 1 and 5 coins on each hand, but 5 coins is better, even if they have to adjust the coin denomination to afford it. This is because most of the prizes increase proportionally when more coins are played, but the top prize, for a natural Royal Flush, increases dramatically out of proportion when the fifth coin is played. After wins, players can also try to double the win, or risk just half the win, if they choose to gamble on a single high-card turnover. The winning compinations and game play strategy works hand in hand with aristocrat pokies game online. If they win, the double can be repeated; if they lose, the win, or half the win, is forfeited.

The Deuces Wild Pay Table

Playtech’s Deuces Wild does not pay wins for high-card hands, Pairs or Two Pairs. The player needs Three of a Kind or better to win a prize.

The complete Playtech Deuces Wild pay table, based on a 5 coin bet, is as follows:
Three of a Kind wins 5 coins
A Straight wins 10 coins
A Flush wins 15 coins
A Full House wins 20 coins
Four of a Kind, apart from Deuces, also wins 20 coins
A Straight Flush wins 45 coins
Five of a Kind wins 75 coins
A Royal Flush involving Deuces wins 125 coins
Four Deuces wins 1,000 coins
A natural Royal Flush wins 4,000 coins.