The casino industry is a-buzz with the news of how, in the wake of its recent mega-merger with Scientific Games, casino gaming technology developer, Bally records record quarterly revenue of 5 million plus.

Along with this comes the announcement from Bally Technologies – which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange – that it will renew its partnership with international casino gaming operator, High 5 Gaming, continuing its expansion into the online and mobile casino arenas.

Both the Scientific Games merger and the successful High 5 Gaming partnership are undoubtedly among the explanations for how it has come to pass that the 80-year-old Bally records record quarterly revenue of 5 million plus in 2014.

The Bally Partnership with High 5 Gaming

One definite contributing factor to the fact that Bally records a record quarterly revenue of 5 million plus, is its successful three-year partnership with High 5 Gaming. Within the Bally-H5G partnership a series of co-created mobile and online games were officially released under the Bally brand. Some of these titles include The Orb of Chance, Golden Tower, Stella Drive, Shadow Diamond and Ocean’s Glory.

In light of the success of this deal, investors must be pleased with the news that it is set to continue, with several new titles to be released to online and mobile casino platforms.

H5G Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Singer, described the continuation of the Bally-H5G partnership in enthusiastic tones: “With Bally’s sophisticated new ALPHA 2 game platform, and a new Bally Interactive division committed to mobile, online, and social business-to-business game content, we believe that the sky is the limit for this next generation of H5G games”.

The Bally-SG Merger

During the same quarter of 2014 in which Bally records record quarterly revenue of 5 million plus, Bally Technologies was acquired by the NASDAQ-listed Scientific Games Corporation. This transaction, which is estimated to have an aggregate value of roughly US$ 5.1 billion, was undertaken to create a premier gaming and lottery entertainment technology company. It also assisted Bally in the refinancing of approximately US$ 1.8 billion in debt, which goes some way to explaining how Bally records record quarterly revenue of 5 million plus.

According to the President and Chief Executive Officer of Scientific Games, Gavin Isaacs, “completing the Bally transaction brings together two exceptional organizations with a common culture of innovation and customer focus. We are excited by the opportunities that will be created by combining each organization’s core strengths in developing engaging gaming entertainment products, advanced technologies and systems, and providing value-added services to help our customers grow their revenues”.

More about Bally Technologies

This announcement that Bally records record quarterly revenue of 5 million comes eight decades since the company was first founded in Chicago during the Great Depression. Originally created as a manufacturer of pin ball machines by Mr Raymond T. Moloney in 1936, Bally soon moved to slot machines. Today, Bally Technologies is the world’s oldest slot machine manufacturer.

Bally Technologies has often been recognised as an industry leader for its pioneering achievements. Some of these Bally first include the invention of the electronic slot and the bottomless hopper, as well as Bally’s Take ‘n Play mobile gaming system that enables slots players to take their bingo games in Canada with them on tablet PCs when they have to leave their machines.