Say goodbye to having to take a trip down to your bookmaker to place a bet, because the online betting revolution is here. The days of physical visits to a bookmaker are over, with everything involved in bet making now possible via the power of lightening fast modern internet.

This means that you never again need to put hours aside, get into a car, take a drive, and have to accept the odds provided by a single bookmaker. Online betting not only means enormous convenience, but also a great deal more options, and better deals, for the bet maker.

If you’re now thinking that you don’t have technology savvy to use online betting websites, don’t fret. Bookmaker websites are designed to be as easy and streamlined as possible, providing a fast, smooth experience that geared towards being as convenient as possible. Bets can be placed in just seconds of time, and your winnings will be delivered to your online account automatically, without any need to make phone calls or contact a bookmaker. And, best of all, it is all available not only via a laptop or home computer, but also a mobile phone or tablet.

Sports Covered at Online Bookmakers

If you like rugby, soccer, American football, basket ball, or darts or interested in making the Geelong Cup bets, it is all covered by online bookmakers. In fact, there are very few sports, if any, that cannot be bet on. Betting websites make an enormous effort to cover as many sports and matches as possible, providing incredible freedom of choice. Yes, the focus will always be on the biggest and most popular current matched but if you feel like branching out and placing a bet on an obscure sport played on the other side of the world, you can do so.

Plus, as has already been mentioned, since there are so many online bookmakers, you can look around and find the best odds for your chosen bet. There is no need to stick to odds dictated by a particular website for a particular sport. A quick search may reveal a better deal for your chosen sport, which means more cash in your pocket if the bet succeeds. Why not have accounts at a number of different websites, so that you can always be where the best odds and deals can be found.

eSports Betting Online


ESports are relatively new to the betting scene, involving video games being played on a professional level. Betting is now available on ESports games, and the betting scene around these matches is quickly becoming popular worldwide. Online bookmakers, the majority of them, now provide eSports betting options, which is excellent news for those gamers out there who like to place a few bets while enjoying the action. Simply navigate to the ESports section of a website to see betting options on current and up and coming matches.

Odds on ESports are offered the same as with any other sport, so even fans of more traditional sports may choose to branch out on explore the ESport scene, if the choose to do so. Given that ESports are still relatively new, the betting scene is highly unpredictable and exciting, which is perfect for snapping up great payouts on underdog teams. As ESports become more popular, it is likely that more and more online bookmakers will start to focus their attention in this direction, with more betting options and competitive promotional deals.

Promotional Deals

Speaking of promotional deals, online bookmakers are notoriously generous, offering amazing deals that are almost too good to be true. The online betting scene is extremely competitive, and websites are trying everything they can to draw new customers. This means that bet makers can take advantage of amazing special offers, getting the best possible value for money with every bet that they place. There is a new special deal almost on a daily basis, so be sure to keep your eyes open and take advantage when the opportunities present themselves.

Be sure to keep in mind, however, that special offers and promotional deals do have terms and conditions attached. It is essential to understand a deal before accepting it, as there may be certain requirements that need to be fulfilled before bonus cash may be withdrawn from the online account. Wager Requirements, for example, indicate that a certain number of bets of a specific value must be placed before bonus cash, and all winnings made with bonus cash, may be withdrawn from an online account. More information about this can always be found in the terms and conditions of a deal, or from a website’s customer support centre.

Live Broadcasting

As an added bonus, many online bookmakers have a live broadcasting centre, which allows sport matches to be watched online. These live broadcasts provide an extra level of convenience, allowing bet makers to place bets, and watch the match be played out, without ever having to leave a single website. Which broadcasts are offered depends on the website and its focus on particular sports, but generally most major and poplar sporting events will be featured.

Keep in mind that live sports streaming requires a steady and reliable internet connection in order to function properly. If you attempt to watch a live stream, and find that it is broken and unwatchable, try lowering the quality of the feed. If the experience is still unacceptable, it is likely because your internet connection is not fast enough to stream live video.

Jump in Now

Online bookmakers are up and running now, and eager to accept new customers. If you feel like you would enjoy getting involved in online betting, find a website that suits your preferences, create an account, and bets can be placed immediately. Access is available from home computers, as well as modern smart phones and tablets. Many online bookmakers have dedicated applications that can be downloaded for streamlined access.

But always remember the golden rules of bet making; bet responsibly, only bet with disposable cash, and always remember to quit while you’re ahead. But most of all, always remember that betting is supposed to be for fun and for entertainment purposes.