If you are wondering what an Emu is, wonder no longer. An Emu is a large, bipedal bird native to Australia, similar to an ostrich. It is known for being territorial, highly aggressive, very dull witted, and not much fun to be around. If you’re wondering what an Emu has to do with casinos, then keep wondering, because there really is no logical connection. Emu Casino is an online casino, known not so much for the selection of games it offers, but rather for its bizarre theme, which is based squarely around a goofy looking Emu cartoon character.

From the very moment a visitor arrives they are greeted by a thick, stereotypical Australian accent, which welcomes them to the legendary Australian outback and suggests a bit of gambling. Of course, there isn’t much in the way of kangaroo hunting on offer, but Emu Casino does indeed have a pretty great selection of games. Let’s take a look at how you can experience a unique gaming environment at Emu Casino.

Casino Games

Sure, boring old poker just involves cards, without an Emu in sight, and isn’t optimal if you intend to experience a unique gaming environment at Emu Casino. But casino is still happy to offer this classic game, and many more, to visitors. Both single player and multi player poker are on offer, as well as classic roulette and blackjack. There is a special focus on poker, however, with many of the promotional offers and tournaments focused around the tradition, skill based card game. Look out also for the immense selection of slot games, which include both modern and retro selections.

Casino Races

Blackjack and poker are fun, sure, but not the best way to experience a unique gaming environment at Emu Casino. Instead turn your attention to the Casino Races section. This is where the presence of the Emu is most clearly felt. Casino Races are much like horse races, but at Emu Casino, of course, they involve bipedal, aggressive, highly territorial birds. Like horse races, the player must place a bet on which Emu they think will win. After this has been done, the race begins, and the player may watch as the large creatures clumsily make their way around the track.

Thankfully, although birds are the focus of the game, the same rules as horse racing still apply, making the game intuitive and easy to understand. The section is also home to some of the many competition and tournaments run by the casino, including poker tournaments, blackjack tournaments, and much more. To learn more about any tournament, or to sign yourself up, simply visit the appropriate section of the website.

Emu Points

The last step required to experience a unique Gaming environment at Emu Casino is to take note of the Emu Points system. Yes, it might have been easier just to refer to them as VIP Points, but this is Emu Casino. Emu Points gather when players participate on the website, eventually building up and acquiring special prizes and promotional deals. To keep track of your Emu Points, simply visit the appropriate page on the website.