Mixed Martial Arts offers one of the most exhilarating, high-energy sports experiences ever and although there are many different organisations arranging these bouts in operation, nothing compares to the mighty Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The UFC is the premier enterprise in all of MMA, the pinnacle, replete with a big stage where all aspiring fighters aim to make their mark one day.

Betting Strategy for MMA Events

Understanding how the UFC operators and who all the different fighters are is an important part of the betting strategy you’ll be fashioning, but it’s only one piece of the pie. Your baseline knowledge will help you enjoy the matches more, and more correctly predict what will happen during them, but you’ll need to do a few other things as well.

You’ll have to learn how to budget and create a bankroll for the wagers you’re interested in, ensure that you stay sober and on top of your game whenever you place a stake, and avoid going on tilt. This means that you never allow your emotions to take over and throw good money after bad.

The Most Popular UFC Bet Types

Be sure and review all the different wagers open to you when it comes to the UFC, as there are a lot more than just correctly predicting who will win the fight! Having some flexibility in your staking option will allow you to leverage more specific predictions and, in turn, earn you more money.

  • The Moneyline or Match Bet

Here you’ll need to pick the winner of the fight. It’s the most popular wager, in part because it’s so simple. Even if you’re a newcomer you’ll be able to see good returns with this one if you know your fighters.

  • Over/Under Round Bets

Another popular stake, here you will be trying to predict when you think a round will finish. So, in a three-round non-title match up, you could bet on whether or not everything will be wrapped up before or after 2.5 rounds have elapsed.

  • Prop Bets

Prop, or proposition bets, ask you to wager on whether or not something is going to happen. So, you could stake on Fighter 1 throwing more jabs than Fighter 2 does. The bet doesn’t have to have a direct effect on the fight’s outcome, either, and is not linked to specific combatants. If Fighter 1 gets more hits in than Fighter 2 does, you’re in the money.

The most popular Prop bet in the UFC is the Victory, which has you guessing on how the match will end. If you think it will come down to a Submission, for example, you could stake on that. Typically, these bets at Aussie sports betting sites are attached to a fighter so you would, for example, bet on Georges St Pierre would win his match against Jon Jones by the latter’s Submission.

There are times when Victory stakes are not attached to fighters, although this is rare. Here you’ll just be hoping that it ends the way you thought it would.