Smart phones have been all the rage since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, but it is the introduction of the tablet that has truly revolutionised the way portable technological devices operate.

The iPad, first launched in 2010, can basically be described as the perfect mixture between the smart phone and the desktop or laptop computer. It is small, portable, and constantly connected to the internet, like the smart phone, but it also boasts a larger screen size and more computer-like functionality, like the desktop or laptop computers.

Perfect for Playing

Given its portability and simultaneous luxury of the larger screen, it is of no surprise that the iPad casino has become enormously popular. Like the mobile casino, Pokies for your iPad offers players the flexibility and convenience of being able to play anywhere and whenever they feel like it, whether they’re at home, on the bus, or waiting in the queue somewhere.

At the same time, however, the iPad screen is larger, making it easier to navigate and causing less strain on the eye, especially for those sensitive staring at a small-screen device for extended periods of time. This enables the iPad to be the perfect device to allow for online casino playing, regardless of whether it’s for a quick game on the go, or for hours of endless entertainment over the weekend.

So Much More to Choose from

Another advantage of the iPad is that it runs on iOS. This is the closed-source operating system that all Apple products run on. Applications written for iOS are heavily regulated and they have to meet certain quality pre-approval standards. No iOS applications can be accessed on the App or iTunes store without prior Apple approval.

This virtually guarantees that all applications available on the App or iTunes store are perfectly iOS compatible and of a certain quality. This is great for iPad casino players, of course, as iPad casinos often come in the form of applications. While, of course, players can access the online casinos in the conventional in-browser way, opening up the casino site, logging in, and then proceeding to play, they can also do this much more easily by downloading an application in the App or iTunes store.

Once downloaded, the application will appear on the home screen of the iPad and can be accessed by a mere tap of the finger. This allows access to the iPad casino to be immensely simple and convenient. Since the application can in most cases also be linked to other applications, such as one’s bank, this can make the whole gaming experience easier and so much simpler.

Enjoying All Apple Has to Offer

In addition to all of the above mentioned, iPad players can also experience certain benefits that are only available to iPad users. For one, they may be able to access free spins or no deposit offers before they sign up to an online casino so that they can try out the game and the site as a whole. Furthermore, they may be in line for certain iPad-specific bonuses that are available after opening up an account and putting down an initial deposit.

In these ways, iPad casino players are guaranteed to get the best experience possible.