If you’re ready to start enjoying Texas Hold’em games online, you’ll be glad to hear it’s one of the simplest variants ever. It plays out very logically, which is one of the reasons it’s so vastly popular.

The internet is the best place to learn the game as well since you can set your own pace, play for free until you’ve got the confidence to place your first real money bet, and don’t have to bother with distractions like pretty waitresses, the perceived skill of other players, or anything else!

The Basic Rules

Small and Large Blinds are part of the rules for Texas Hold’em, forced bets that are made before any cards get dealt. They replace traditional Antes and dictate what the stakes are going to be.

The Small Blind is generally half the size of the Big Blind, and the latter is usually the amount of the minimum wager for the game. These count towards your total investment for the first round of staking. This means that, if the bet isn’t raised Preflop, the Small Blind will only be required to put in another half-bet to Call and the Big Blind won’t have to do a thing. But the latter has the option to Raise.

Step No. 1

Pocket, or hole, cards are those dealt to each player. You’ll get two, face-down, at the start of each hand. The Preflop is the first round of betting. After you’ve looked at your pocket cards you’ll need to Raise, Call, or Fold. After the Preflop round ends the dealer will discard the deck’s top card, known as a Burn card, and the Flop will commence.

Step No. 2

The Texas Hold’em dealer will flip three cards so they’re facing up, the Flop, and these will function as Community Cards, so anyone can use them in combination with two of their pocket cards to form a Poker-ranked hand. Then the next round of betting begins.

Post-Flop wagering allows you to once again Call, Raise, or Fold, and when it concludes, the dealer will place another burn card facing down. They’ll then flip one over again, the Turn, and a new round of betting will begin, the final one, where the size of the stakes will double, making it, in Limit Poker, the Big Bet.

Step No. 3

The dealer will then burn another card and turn one over so that it faces up. This is called the River card, and you and the rest of the players enjoying the game will use it along with any of the five cards on the table and two of your pocket cards to form the best five-card Poker hand you can. Then the final round of betting will begin. There rules of the games works hand in hand with horse racing betting tips in New Zealand

The Showdown

If, after the final round of wagering, there is more than one player still in the game, the Showdown takes place. Anyone who has not yet folded will reveal what they’re holding and the one with the best hand wins!