Take two of the most well known Casino game classics, namely Poker and Blackjack, add some top-class programming and an iPad with an internet connection and blend well. What does that leave you with? Only the most fast-paced, exciting and fully-optimised for iPad online tequila poker ever made!

The Rising Star in Online Gaming

Tequila Poker was developed fairly recently in relation to other popular Casino games, only hitting our screens in late 2005, but it’s popularity has grown tremendously since it’s inception, cementing it’s position as a top online betting game. It is also played almost exclusively online, meaning it’s been optimised for almost any device, so whether your using your PC or even your iPad online tequila poker will be available!

The Skinny on How Online Tequila Poker Works

So lets get into what tequila poker actually is , and why it could be the game for you. As I mentioned before, this game is a combination of Poker and Blackjack. Firstly the players must place an Ante bet, this gets them into the game. Next the dealer will place four cards face up on the table.

They can choose to play “high poker”, in which the point total of the hand is counted, similar to blackjack, except there’s no ceiling; the objective is to get the highest amount of points possible. Payouts start at 46 points, with picture cards equaling ten points each and aces valued at 11 points. The player can also choose to play “tequila poker’, where the strength of the hand is the deciding factor, much like in poker. At least a pair of aces will be required for a payout. Lastly a player can choose to fold if they feel the cards arent strong enough to produce anything worthwile in the above two variations, thus ending the game and loosing the initial bet or Ante.

Up the Ante to Win

If the player chooses to continue playing either either high poker or tequila poker, they will be required to bet the amount of their ante again, this is known as the main bet, and a further two cards will be dealt face up on the table. The objective is to create the best five card hand possible out of the six cards dealt. Payouts happen automatically as the cards are dealt and then the game is restarted, thus insuring  the electrifying pace of this popular game

Fully Compatible with your iPad

As you can well imagine with portable mobile devices such as iPad online tequila poker can be used to take advantage of the built in super-fast processing ability and razor sharp graphics. This coupled with the conveniece of touch screen technology takes the game to new levels, with so many more options on where and how to play.

There are also download and no download options for your iPad online tequila poker gaming pleasure like different methods at beteasy NZ . This means you can either downbload an app from your favourite site for ease of access, or play the field at the many quality online casino’s on offer supporting iPad tequila poker play.