Pyramid Magic Aristocrat Slot is a themed game that forms part of Aristocrat’s Egyptian slot series and comes with all the features you have come to know and love, and more. Pyramid Magic Aristocrat Slot reunites the King and the Queen and this makes for a very interesting and enjoyable play.

The charm of the Pyramid Magic Aristocrat Slot all starts with the 5 reel and 25 payline layout, but it certainly does not stop here. This online slot still gives you the flexibility to choose from a whole range of bet amounts, be it a small, conservative bet or playing the maximum amount.

It is also important to take notice of the return to player percentages of the Pyramid Magic Aristocrat Slot. The average yield of Canadian casinos is averaged at 91.05%, excluding ante bets, and 94%, ante bets included.

Reel Symbols

Pyramid Magic Aristocrat slot boasts with symbols that are true to the general theme of this online slot, and you can expect to see anything from golden pyramids, to beetles and ancient Egyptian jewellery as well as the ever so popular playing card symbols form 10 to King, portrayed in bright and captivating colours.

Bonus Features Of This Online Slot

The every so popular Scatter symbol is true to the Pyramid Magic Aristocrat Slot, however, this online slot threw in a bit of a change to this symbol, as this game does not feature just one, but an all new two, Scatter symbols, being none other than the King and Queen themselves.

The basic rules of the Scatter symbol still applies, and in order to activate the bonus round, you have to land 3 or more Scatters on one screen, but the exception slips in here, because any 2 of the Scatter symbols can count to trigger the bonus round of free spins. This feature increases your chances of actually activating the bonus round.

Ante Bet Bonus Feature

The Ante bet is a pre-game bet you place in anticipation of activating the free spin bonus round whilst playing the Pyramid Magic Aristocrat Slot. If you opted for this additional bet at inception of the game, then you receive more free spins in the bonus round. If you did not choose the Ante bet when you placed your initial bet, you will only score 10 free spins in the bonus round, but with the Ante bet in place, you could secure 15 free spins in the bonus round.

If you manage to land another 3 or more Scatter symbols on the screen whilst playing your free spins form the bonus round, this will increase your winnings obtained in the bonus round and also add on 5 more free spins to your free spin total.

Online Slot Interface

This online slot comes with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and quick to understand. You can easily view the paytable of the Pyramid Magic Aristocrat Slot, and it is every so easy to adjust your bet amount up or down to suite your liking. You can manage the number of reels you want to activate for each spin, as well as use the convenient auto play feature and pre-set the game to automatically play for a certain amount of spins.

Pyramid Magic Aristocrat Slot is available online to either play for free or for reel money, as well as at