The Melbourne Cup is an annual horse racing event where thoroughbreds from across the world compete for the coveted trophy. This event was first held in 1861 and as such has one of the best reputations in horse racing.

Wagers on the Melbourne Cup are simple to make when using online sports betting sites to place them. You can wager on the day’s races from your home, mobile phone or tablet device.

Making Sport Bets Online

To start making wagers on horse racing events like the Melbourne Cup, you first need to be a member of an online sports betting site. This is a relatively simple process that requires a bank account and an active internet connection.

Once you have selected the site you wish to use to make your wagers on the Melbourne Cup, you can sign up by completing the online registration. It can feel unsafe to provide your banking information to the site but rest assured that reputable sites make use of online security and encryption software to protect you and your personal information.

Sites also operate under the authority of gambling commissions and other organisations that audit the sites and ensure that they are operating legally.

Why You should Choose Online Betting

Online sport betting caters to professional bettors as well as beginners. There are  of course sites that lean more to an audience that knows what it’s doing, but you can still have fun with a little bit of research before you try out betting on events.

The Melbourne Cup is such a huge event, with a lot of build up, that even as new players, there will be a lot of available information on the site or online that can help guide your wager decisions.

Also check out horse racing tips today to do well in your wagering. Sports Betting sites offer a huge range of available wagers to place and you will never have a lack of choice when it comes to betting.

Online Betting

Bookmaker Bonus Offers

When wagering on the Melbourne Cup, sports betting sites can make the experience even sweeter by offering you bonuses and promotions when you join their site.

The most common bonus is the sign up bonus. The site will pay an additional amount into your account out of their own pocket, depending on the value of your first deposit. New players should be careful of this bonus, always read the fine print and wager requirements. A Wager requirements states that you must wager a specified amount before you can withdraw and money from your account. This wager requirement is often multiple times your received bonus amount.

Secondly probably one of the biggest draws for new players is the free bet offer. The site pays for a bet in your name as soon as you sign up. If the bet pays off, you will receive the cash at no extra charge. It is quite a thing to be able to make a free bet on the Melbourne Cup and online sport betting provides that opportunity for players.