What it Means For Players When Casinos Offer Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are on offer at absolutely every site and these rewards are used as a very effective marketing tool. Over the years bonuses have grown dramatically as competition in the online gaming industry has gotten incredibly fierce. For many players, bonuses are the first factor they’ll look for when choosing a site and the bigger, the better.

What it means for players when a casino offers a bonus is that they are valued and their custom is appreciated. It also means that the casino is competitive in its offering and is willing to reward players for choosing them, over any other site. Bonuses can be used to great advantage and if the play-through and wagering conditions are favourable, players could even see themselves winning real money, without making a deposit.

Rich Rewards for Signing Up

No deposit bonuses are amongst the most popular promotions online, both for players and the casinos that offer them. What it means for players when an online casino offers a no deposit bonus is that they can claim real money credits courtesy of the casino, without having to make any financial commitment themselves.

Simply singing up is enough to earn a player a non deposit bonus and once the free real money credits have been added to their account they can enjoy an authentic, realistic experience that’s potentially very rewarding.

What it means for the casino is that they have the opportunity to show off their game selection and provide players with a chance to see what’s on offer, all whilst rewarding them at the same time.

Welcome Bonuses

The most popular of all bonuses for players who have made a deposit, welcome bonuses are awarded when a player has signed up with a casino and made an initial deposit. These bonuses are usually the best advertised, and often the largest in terms of monetary reward. Many casinos choose to split their welcome bonuses over the first few deposits, ensuring that they keep players coming back for more.

What it means for players who claim a welcome bonus is that the amount they have deposited may be matched by the casino, or a percentage thereof will be awarded. A match bonus will double a players deposit amount, whilst a percentage deposit may double or go even higher. It’s not uncommon for some sites to offer a 200% or more match bonus for new players. The terms and conditions surrounding these bonuses are generally very strict, but players are able to kick start their gaming and increase their winning potential right from the get go.

Boosting Winning Potential

Any bonus that increases the size of a players bankroll can be hugely beneficial. What it means for players is that they can place bigger bets or play for longer, both of which can increase their chances of winning big. The bigger the bet, the larger the return so players who are able to increase the size of their wagers using bonuses, will benefit greatly.

There are an abundance of casinos all vying for player’s loyalty online.  Choosing a Spin Casino NZ that features regular, generous bonuses gives players the chance to increase their chances of winning big with every game enjoyed.